yoga flame…!

I’ve started doing yoga with the help of YogaVidya, a site I discovered whilst browsing YouTube.  After months of fretting about my sedentary lifestyle and the negative effects it was having on my health, I thought of ways I could exercise without leaving the apartment.  Having jogged on the spot and star-jumped in the kitchen to no avail ( and lots of broken crockery), I eventually settled on yoga, a pretentious-sounding name from the mouths of middle-class housewives but the only sport I could manage in a small, confined space.

And before you ask me any questions, my knowledge of yoga is zilch.  I don’t know what a “sun salutation” is or why “dog down” is called “dog down”.  I just know that it’s incredibly relaxing, despite the funny shapes, and gives you this notable energy and poise you wouldn’t expect from a slow-talking man with a sitar.

First video I watched was “The Beginner’s Yoga Class 20 Minutes”.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow, even with your eyes closed, and you could understand the benefits of what you were doing simply from the way your body responded.  From stretching your leg, you could sense it feeling “longer”, a result which makes yoga seem like an intelligent form of exercise as it requires you to contemplate what you are doing to your body, rather than just doing it.

Even though the session lasted 20 minutes, it didn’t really feel that way.  Contrary to certain beliefs, yoga is easier to include in your daily routine than you think as it passes by in an instant when you’re deep in the moment.  I found myself thinking less or not thinking at all.  It has made me interested in doing yoga more and possibly reading up on what it all means (but not too much or I’ll never get the yoga done!)

Give it a try – really good for the Night Shift!


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