nicolas cage weekend!

Forget what I said about people on the Night Shift being “normal”.  If I’m the only example you’re ever going to meet then I’m certainly representing the opposite.  When asked what my plans were for the weekend, I replied that I’d be having none other than a “Nicolas Cage Weekend”, of course!

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Now, now, I know what you’re going to say about Nicolas Cage and his acting skills, but one thing you can’t blame him for is lack of variety.  Take, for instance, his portrayal of an OCD con artist in Matchstick Men and the “morally compromised” detective in The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans.  Who does roles like that?  I find it hard to think of many who do…

While his action movies aren’t always successful or interesting (not even I can stomach The Sorceror’s Apprentice), Cage sometimes puts his own spin on things, supping Jelly Beans in Ghost Rider or imitating Travolta’s acting in Face/Off.

He also takes on scripts with surprisingly strong concepts – Knowing and Next come instantly to mind.  Why no one enjoyed Next is actually beyond me.  It’s based on Philip K. Dick’s The Golden Man and everyone knows you can’t go wrong with a Philip K. Dick, so what’s the problem with this one?  He is honestly better than Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau!

Still not a Nicolas Cage fan?  Well, the key to appreciating his performances is through the eyes.  Look at his eyes.  Like Ethan Hawke, Cage has that nice guy look about him, a look that tells you he has been through some shit, despite all the millions.


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