bittersweet supplements

mr simms olde sweet shoppe (dublin, ireland)

Look what I found on Dame Street at the weekend: a shop selling sweets we all know and love from our childhood!  In this wonderful pocket of Dublin you will find not only the likes of Nerds, Refreshers, Fruit Salads, Black Jacks, Dib Dabs, Roll-up Bubblegum, Flying Saucers, Jawbreakers, and much, much more, but also the infamous US cereals no longer sold in the UK due to fear of excessive sugar and E numbers; such as the addictive and colourful Lucky Charms:

pot noodle format

In addition to filling my hunger for retro sweets and cereal, I had to act on my increasing health concerns by visiting my local Holland & Barrett, where I picked up three supplements which I felt would help me during the Night Shift.

three of my best friends

The most obvious choice for a dietary supplement on the Night Shift is Vitamin C.  The fact you stay awake at night, a time when your body is meant to be naturally recuperating and rejuvenating, means that your body is hardly getting the down-time it ought to.  Working the Night Shift leaves you surprisingly susceptible to coughs and colds, particularly in an air-conditioned office environment, therefore topping up your immune system can make a difference for those who seem to catch every seasonal bug available.

Not so obvious is Lutein (pronounced “loo-tane”), a substance derived from blueberry plants and generally obtained through the consumption of spinach, kelp, and egg yolks.  Lutein helps to support the eyes, with recent studies noticing its importance in delaying age-related macular degeneration.  While I am still relatively young and unlikely to suffer this condition for quite some time (crossed fingers), I see no reason to ignore the positive margin on offer here, especially since we seem to be destined for centenarian survival.

My final supplement is Cod Liver Oil, a traditional way of keeping bones and joints supple, as well as a natural pick-me-up for those who have mild depression.  Despite these great benefits, there are some who would argue that Cod Liver Oil is a danger to your health.  During a visit to Nourish, an Irish version of Holland & Barrett, one of their store clerks gave me the momentary fright of my life by advising me against the supplement due to potential mercury poisoning.  As this was her personal outlook, I found myself less inclined to thank her and more intent on escaping; after all, the industry uses molecular filtering these days to ensure their produce does not contain harmful elements, and people who press their opinions at the expense of ruining their sales pitch will always fail to interest me.


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