burt’s bees “radiance”

royal jelly goodness

While searching for supplements in Holland & Barrett, I came across Burt’s Bees and decided to extend my quest for a healthier lifestyle by purchasing cosmetics using 99% natural ingredients.  

Since I’ve never purchased Burt’s Bees before, I had no idea how effective their products would be or whether they would suit my combination skin type.  Nevertheless, I went for their “Radiance” day and eye cream range, which only cost me €38.00 due to an in-store discount of 20% (thank you, H&B!)

I tried my new creams later that evening, though not before I read some reviews by other “Radiance” users, who surprisingly complained about the ‘over-powering’ smell and the fact that Burt’s Bees had changed the original formula.  Personally, I found the scent quite fresh, sweet, and subtle; and while I can hardly comment on the formula, both creams left my skin feeling soft and moisturised and looking much ‘brighter’ after several applications.

In particular, the eye cream is very good.  Most users like how it helps with their make-up, ensuring foundation, powder, and eye shadow stays in one place; what I like is the way it relaxes the skin around my eyes, as the skin there can get really dry during the Night Shift.

Unfortunately, though, I wouldn’t say these creams are essential.  If you apply too much, your skin ends up heavy with oil in less than an hour and sometimes takes a while to completely soak in.  By applying less, you are likely to find a suitable balance and also increase the products’ cost-effectiveness, which could last for up to a year, depending on how you use them.  All the same, the creams are still ordinary compared to products like Simple, which aim for similar results at a much lower price.

As for reducing the appearance of wrinkles?  No experience with this whatsoever, given my graceful ageing on the right side of 30, but I can tell you that the “Radiance” creams wouldn’t stretch that far; they’re just an alternative to the chemical-laden brands that currently populate the market.

All in all, I enjoy using these creams and would recommend them wholeheartedly to those with drier skin or a really sensitive conscience when it comes to their impact on the local environment.  In terms of whether Burt’s Bees would suit anyone on the Night Shift… of course it would!  Who would say “no” to brighter, healthier skin?


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