the knitting bug

Knitting is what I class as one of my ‘secret’ skills.  I say this skill is ‘secret’ because no one I know at the moment seems to be hot into knitting.  So I keep this interest to myself.

At the moment, I am learning how to knit patterns so I can decide which one should be used for a new scarf and hat.  I haven’t knitted in years and the reason why I’ve returned to this interest is down to a purple cowl I found on

courtesy of

chunky merino cowl

I have never heard of Lowie but there is no way they’ll be getting me to pay €47.99 (down from €99.98 in the sale) for an item I can very well make myself!

Thus I paid a visit to the Hickey store on Henry Street, an Irish pharmacy and fabric company in Dublin.  From there I bought Patons yarn in a shade similar to the one used by Lowie with 4.5mm needles and matching stocking needles.  If you’re buying needles for the first time, choose the yarn first then the knitting needles; the yarn label tells you the needle size required for knitting with that yarn.

needles and yarn

Even though my ambition is to make my own cowl, I didn’t buy the round needles you would need as I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself and end the project out of frustration.  What I should have bought, though, was a crochet needle to embellish the scarf ends, but I guess I’ll get that later.

Instead of knitting class or asking somebody’s grandma, I watched a few videos on YouTube to remind myself what knitting’s all about. A knitter whose videos helped me a lot were Staci’s, founder of  She has been knitting for years and the look of her woollen gear often leads me to think she made them herself because the yarn she uses for her demonstrations matches certain clothing…

Anyway, her videos ran through the basics, even teaching me how to rectify mistakes like dropping the odd stitch or reducing an increased row.  While watching her video for adding fringe to scarves (the part where I realised I should have bought that crochet needle!), Staci mentions a fellow knitter called Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot), champion of the one-knit scarf.

courtesy of

Above is a screenshot of the one-knit scarf featured in Staci’s “Adding Fringe” video.  The image is a little small but you can see how the scarf is embossed by thin rows.  I want to give this pattern a try!

But here’s what I’ve managed so far with the cable knit:

pattern challenge #1: cable

I used 6 rows, starting with a right cable and only cast on 10 stitches.  I should have probably cast on more than 10 so the cable can be seen against a backdrop, but I will move onto that sort of thing when I add more cables to the pattern and get better at knitting as a whole.

Wish me luck with the one knit!


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