bamboo party

Okay, I am still failing horribly at the one-knit scarf and have distracted myself once again with a different pattern altogether.

pattern challenge # 4: bamboo

This is the bamboo stitch.

With limited time on a weekday (come, even knitters have to work!), I naturally chose an easy pattern to practice and found this little beauty on The Weekly Stitch under April 2011.  It’s perfect for beginners, using purl for rows 2 and 4, then knitting rows 1 and 4 with yarn over (YO).

Having failed so many times at the one-knit scarf, it cheered me up to manage this:

like a woolly railroad

Sapphire-N-Purls has another blog entirely for knitting rambles.  I’ll certainly give it a read this weekend!  In the mean-time, I have actually emailed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to ask how the one-knit scarf is done.  Hopefully she’ll answer…


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