Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

a desire for darning

Despite my enthusiasm for knitting, it gets a little bit lonely, learning how to knit through videos on YouTube and reading instructions for patterns on blogs.

So I decided to search out the nearest place where I can find some knitting enthusiasts and came across Let’s Knit and Stitch, just a 5-minute bus ride from my apartment:

The company is founded by sisters Frances Dalton and Teresa McCormac, whose love for the craft of knitting has created a business where they can pass on their knowledge whilst making a living from what they enjoy.

The fact they offer knitting lessons for beginners on a Saturday morning really appeals to me, as working the Night Shift makes morning and evening classes nigh on impossible, and it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.  I have emailed to see what their schedule is like for May 2012 and whether attending the beginners course would actually suit me.  Judging by their knitting class archives, I could be learning with loads of kids…  at any rate, I simply must go down there this weekend!

And think I’ve found the perfect first project I can focus my skills on: the basketweave purse.

courtesy of YouTube.com

The pattern isn’t hard to do.  You just alternate between knitting and purling the stitches on one row then reverse the order on the next and so on.  Instead of a purse, however, a stylish case for my Kindle Touch might do just the trick, possibly using the bee stitch or the basketweave…

Oh, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee replied!  She told me where she thinks I’m going wrong, so maybe, with her insight, I will finally master the one-knit scarf!