Daily Archives: May 4, 2012

one-knit wonder

I did it!  I finally knit the one-knit scarf!

pattern challenge # 5: one-knit

Apparently, when you change between knit and purl, you’re meant to ensure the yarn is in front for purling and at the back for knitting.  Having tried some patterns which use yarn over (YO), I somehow convinced myself that I couldn’t move the yarn without being instructed and confused YO for “bring the yarn forward/back”.  If I didn’t see YO in the pattern instructions, I didn’t move the yarn at all, thus the mess I kept making of the one-knit scarf.  It makes complete sense to me now, especially since Steph emailed me to emphasise this point, and it feels so good to finally overcome what seemed like the biggest problem.

pattern challenge # 6: basketweave

And here’s my attempt at the basketweave stitch.  It’s a really easy pattern and looks great once you’ve done a few repeats.  Not sure I’d like to use it for my Kindle case, though.  The pattern doesn’t seem very strong compared to the bee stitch.

But this yarn I found on eBay is the perfect colour:

200g turquoise 4847

Hopefully when I visit Let’s Knit and Stitch they’ll have something close to this turquoise as I don’t fancy spending nearly €15.00 on one skein, even if it’s 100% wool from somewhere in Ireland.

Speaking of which, Teresa replied to my email regarding their beginner classes.  She informed me that Saturday classes run 10:00-11:30 and 12:00-13:30, and you can attend whenever you want, as long as you let them know.  Also, the course costs €80.00 for 6 weeks now, instead of €70.00, with €15.00 per class if you prefer a few lessons.  The needles they supply with the course are 4mm and students who currently attend are around 40+.

Still interested, despite the trickle of sweat I feel when placed with people who are older than me, thanks to a bad experience I had in the past (youthful enthusiasm to older people is like a dollop of Marmite).  Anyway, I’m not one to shy away from new situations, even if they’re slightly uncomfortable at the start!  I might try one lesson and see how it goes.

done & dusted!