faking the cable

The first pattern I tried was a simple cable stitch involving one cable snaking right and left by itself.  This involved an extra needle and lots of memory work, but it would have been easier to do the mock cables, wouldn’t it?

pattern challenge # 7: mock cable

As you know, I find most of my patterns from The Weekly Stitch and this pattern is a godsend for those who can’t master the cable.  The pattern builds up over 4 rows, and as long as you’re paying attention, you should manage it all without breaking a sweat.

cable for show

However, mock cables are nothing like the cables themselves.  Where real cables result in a denser fabric with some structure and weight, mock cables are only a surface pattern that fails to look as amazing.

On a different note, someone recommended one of my old fan fics through their LiveJournal… that was good of them!


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