enmeshed in knitting

pattern challenge # 8: irish mesh

This is my favourite pattern in knitting so far.   There is something so pleasant about making it, even though it isn’t one of the most challenging patterns.  The fact its’s called the Irish Mesh has nothing to do with it.  I just like the look and feel of the fabric produced after hours of leisurely knitting.  And this pattern looks like the one for my Kindle Touch project or possibly a future tote bag.  Wonder if I could line my creation with cotton to make it look extra special…?

By the way, I never did go to Let’s Stitch and Knit; just too shy to do that right now.  Having said that, the more I knit, the more I feel that I understand knitting.  With practice my patterns are coming out a lot neater and I am slowly introducing myself to new techniques as my confidence grows.

A fellow knitter recently visited my blog, so I went and read hers to say “thanks” and found this elegant scarf she made that I really want to try. I even emailed to ask what instructions she used for creating the pattern (those cables look really daunting!)  Hopefully she’ll share her wisdom as that scarf is so accomplished…


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