hello merino!

Moving onto my next project now: the Burberry-inspired cowl neck scarf by the Garter Girl.

my very own cowl 🙂

One and half pattern repeats later and the cowl begins to take its shape!  This pattern is very easy to do, and to help me with the process, Agujas suggested using a stitch marker to count the rows, which appear in the pattern up to 10 at a time.  So I went to Let’s Knit and Stitch yesterday to purchase one, only to find myself inspired by some yarns and patterns I saw on display.

adding to the yarn stash!

As a happy consequence, I bought 5 skeins of chunky Norse wool in pale grey for a scarf, one skein of Sirdar 4-ply yarn for a hat (accompanied by 2.75mm and 3.25mm needles), and an extra skein of Sublime chunky merino to finish my purple cowl.  Two patterns to help with the hat and scarf are by Sirdar (9348) and Twilleys of Stamford (9126), featuring a 4-ply hat-and-beret set with cute cabling and a scarf -and-hat set in seed stitch.

I had more of a chat with the owners, Frances and Teresa, and I think the nervous store assistant was actually the former.  If so, she is very friendly and approachable, compared to her sister Teresa, whose calm demeanour can be daunting if you’re a little shy, but they both know their stuff, even offering to help with the patterns I chose in case of any hiccups.  There is currently a drive for supporting Irish businesses here in the Republic and it’s great that I can purchase my knitting goods from a place just down the road, from people who have a true passion.

By the way, did you notice anything in the first photo that I didn’t?

the provisional cast-on

Well, I put my hand up to this one: I didn’t think there was anything special about the term “provisional cast-on” until I read He Sows, She Sews, where Gretchen explains how to bind the Clara Cowl after you’ve finished knitting it.  While the pattern is the perfect choice for a more ‘masculine’ cowl (planning to knit one for my boyfriend, you see), it cast a grey cloud over my project as it meant having to unravel 4 hours of knitting to insert the provisional cast-on.

The joys of being a knitter!


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