kindle case version 1.0

And what an anti-climax I feel.  Is it normal to feel like you’ve done a rubbish job when you’ve completed your first ever knitting project?  Perhaps it isn’t meant to feel this way when you follow an established pattern and actually get it done the way it’s supposed to, but I went a little further than the average beginner and flung myself in the deep-end, drafting my own pattern and hoping what I envisaged would match the end-result.

peas in a pod

Above is the moment I frequently wish to revisit, if only to stop myself from darning the case on the wrong side… the right side!  Lessons are learnt through mistakes, they say, though it would have been much nicer if I hadn’t learnt this afterwards 😦

front view of the kindle case

As you can see, I incorporated the flap so the case could be closed with three of buttons.  However, the buttonholes are more or less invisible due to the seed stitch border… ah well!

camping, anyone?

Yes, this Kindle case is an incredibly rough diamond – be assured that my perfectionist side is kicking me! – all the same, I am pleased that I managed to finish and didn’t end up with a UFO (UnFinished Object).


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