rib 1 m 1…

My third knitting project is a beanie hat using moss stitch.  I was originally aiming for a scarf in this pattern but felt that making one would bore me as the moss stitch can be quite tedious and making scarves isn’t one of the most challenging items (I’m all about the challenge!)

designed by twilleys of stamford

The yarn I’m using is Wendy “Norse Chunky” in Porpoise (2701), 50% wool and 50% acrylic.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d even like this yarn as I’m not a great fan of acrylic.  Of course people will insist it’s more affordable, allergy-free, moth-proof – all that palava – but it’s still a man-made fibre, my dears.  It’s still related to plastic!

Luckily, though, this yarn is nice enough; it’s very similar to Sublime “Chunky Merino Tweed” (40% less acrylic).  After knitting a few rows, the fabric becomes soft and smooth, with just the right sheen, and you can tell what a pleasure it’ll be to wear the hat when it’s finished.  I’m knitting ribs then a pattern on top for the first time, and in the photo above, my attempt isn’t bad.  There might be a couple of ribs not quite in sync as I somehow miscounted, but I’m pretty much satisfied with my overall attempt – satisfied to the point where I won’t unravel the lot!

On the instructions, however, I did struggle to comprehend what “rib 1, [MK 1, rib 9] 8 times” meant and Googled the term to no avail.  The most helpful result I found was here, and using this as a guide, I puzzled out my own pattern until I knew what “rib 1, [MK 1, rib 9] 8 times meant.


rib 1 = K1 (the 1st stitch of the moss stitch pattern – the rib pattern – based on an odd number of stitches; ie. 73)

MK 1 = make a new stitch by inserting your knitting needle between the 1st and 2nd stitches on the left needle, just under the yarn connecting the two stitches together; make the new stitch knit-wise then slip the newly made stitch onto the right needle without knitting or purling it

rib 9 = P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1 (follow the moss stitch pattern where you left off in rib 1 so that you work 9 stitches of the rib pattern and then do K1, P1, K1, etc. for the 2nd repeat and so on)

8 times = repeat the instructions [MK 1, rib 9] 8 times until the end of the row, after which you should have 81 stitches for the next row


Discovering what “rib 1, [MK 1, rib 9] 8 times” meant has been really rewarding and saved me from shuffling into Let’s Knit and Stitch this week to ask Teresa and Frances, who I am looking to visit tomorrow morning not only to resolve an incorrect receipt but probably to exchange 2 x Wendy Norse Chunkys for 3 x Sublime Merino Tweed.  My boyfriend has been convinced that owning a cowl of his own is better than not owning one at all, so I’m looking to oblige him!

And here are the goodies I picked up in This is Knit:

clover knitting register

This knitting counter will help me keep track of every row in any pattern and fits comfortably on any needle up to 6.5 mm.  However, I’m not sure what chemical they’re talking about and I’m thankful not to be pregnant in the State of California…

warning: knitting cancer!

clover point protectors (lrg)

These silicone point protectors fit needles from 3.75 mm to 6.5 mm and come in soft purple.  They’re really useful for keeping your work safe and intact, especially if you’re knitting on your travels or have curious kids/pets who find your yarns irresistible.

Accumulating all this knitting gear means I will need some storage… where to find a knitter’s box?


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