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beanie hat slash bookshelf

project #3: the beanie hat

At last, here’s my cute little beanie hat!  I made this earlier in the week and found it much easier than the Garter Girl cowl.  After creating the rib then switching needles, it was simply a matter of forming the crown and sewing the seams so my hat looked as neat and chic as possible.  I got the stitching right, methinks, though I didn’t do what you probably should for joining the moss stitch together (made it all up!)  With all that acrylic, the hat feels soft and smooth and far more silky than plain old merino!

But I’m almost afraid to block it.  I blocked my cowl according to Knitty’s recommendations and the cowl turned out a different shape from the way I would have liked it.  They say you can block your garments again and again, until you achieve the shape that you want, but wool is so fragile when you get it all wet and I don’t want to damage such expensive material…  what to do!!

In other news: I have finally sewn those dark green buttons onto my over-sized Kindle case.

project #1: the kindle case

Isn’t it fabulous?  Haven’t blocked this either, but will no doubt have to since the flap isn’t stretched to cope with the contents.  Inside is The Million Dollar Gift by Ian Somers, you see, which I’m sending off for an autograph from the author himself (friend of a friend!)  Like me, Ian is a great fan of knitting.  He knits all the time.  Every day.  Every week.  Whenever he has Writer’s Block, this Ian’s always knitting.  (Not true, but I’m working on it…)

The lady at work who requested her own Kindle case has specified pastel green and red in horizontal stripes (not too thin or thick!), with the same patterns chosen for the one shown above.  I discovered a Kindle case that resembles a sock and wonder if I should try making hers like that to save myself some sewing and to learn a new skill.  Don’t know how to knit in the round yet, or even how to switch between different yarns and colours… shall I give them a go?

While my Kindle case is away, here’s where my Kindle lives for just the time-being:

closed view

You can purchase this from Amazon for the regal price of $11.19 or eBay for approximately €16.00 (inc p&p).  The choice is yours!  (Both quotes valid 18/05/12.)

opened view

I’m currently reading two e-books: The Mynns’ Mystery (George Manville Fenn) and Beyond the Veil (Johan Burghall).

The former is a mystery not many people have read.  Free on the Kindle Store and bursting with secrets, you’ll find it very hard to put this novel down – it’s not a boring classic with predictable characters.

The latter is my first ever purchase.  It follows Richard and Abigail Arkwright after seeing their friend being whisked away by a stranger.  Although vampires are mentioned in the online blurb, it takes the time to build the story up and bring you into this world where vampires live.

Am I blessed for having access to more than one debuting author?  I guess so!  Feel like writing a novel now, thanks to their writing!