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strangely knitting

My long-awaited autograph is here, courtesy of Ian Somers:

million dollar gift fan

Ah, it feels good to get a personalised message in a book you just bought, doesn’t it?  Guess that’s one thing ebooks will never surpass!

I’ve actually finished reading The Mynns’ Mystery by George Manville Fenn and thought it was pretty good, quite enjoyable.  I’m surprised how low profile it is.  Then again, it’s not one of those literary giants, just a  pleasant read for readers who want to relax and remind themselves how crimes were once solved in the olden days.

Due to my lack of stamina this week, my trip to Let’s Knit and Stitch has been delayed and I ended up visiting This is Knit for the yarn I need to make my colleague her Kindle case.

debbie bliss cotton dk

She originally requested pastel shades, so I selected Bright Red (47) and Light Green (20) from the Debbie Cotton DK range.  I’m knitting with cotton for the first time and look forward to seeing results once the Kindle case is done.  The quality should be finer and capable of surviving the usual wear-and-tear.  From speaking to one of the store assistants (an older lady this time, who could well be one of the founders!), I learnt that they didn’t have the 4.0 mm ProKnit Symfonie needles in stock but would order them in especially for the customer if emailed requests.  I like This is Knit very much!  Not only do they offer a personal touch with their service but they also stock a wide range of yarns, equipment, and literature – definitely sending my wish list once I figure it out!

A friend recently asked me why I’m knitting all of a sudden when I didn’t really knit before.  Like many young girls, I learnt to knit from an early age after hanging out with my mother’s ex-boyfriend’s mother (!), but this doesn’t explain why someone like me would return to this interest late in their twenties, childless, unmarried, and working the Night Shift.   My reason for knitting is simply to smile and achieve the little things on a regular basis.  Unknown to most on the Day Shift, the Night Shift can be cruel, stealing away your energy and leaving you stranded in the middle of midnight with nowhere to go and nothing to do, so what can you do?  Moan about it?  Well, I got tired of moaning about it and listening to others moan and making it seem like I had no life at all.  Everyone has a life, even on the Night Shift.  It’s down to me whether something is great or not, and I didn’t want to become like those who I used to work with: people so unhappy that they take it out on others instead of trying to find out what can make them truly happy.

So here I am!  Strangely knitting.  And if that paragraph above was a little too serious compared to my regular entries… well, I have an ecard just for you!

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