summer in specsavers

northwood park, dublin

A sunny day in Ireland.  Never thought it would amaze me to see such a thing, but it certainly does after spending many months in darkness on the Night Shift.  For the second day running, temperatures have stayed above 20º C, locking the city in permanent sunshine which serves to disarm the most cynical Irish.  No rain to spoil the heat, no random bursts of hail, just pure and constant summer until the wonderful weekend (crossed fingers!)

view from the little bridge in northwood park

Overdosed on Vitamin D, I felt how most must feel when they get a bit fresh: capable of anything.  Swimming at the local gym, finishing my tedious hat, writing a brilliant book – all those little dreams excitingly possible, just because the sun was up in the sky!  But soon the sparkle wore off and I settled down for a stroll in the park nearby, hand in hand with my boyfriend whilst making short work of a nice, cooling Twister.

a flower on the pavement!

Surprisingly, it took my mind off the fortune I spent on new glasses and contacts this morning.  Set me back a handsome price, they did, getting reactions thinned down and put into brand-new frames, as well as a 3-month deposit on almost 100 contacts.  Painful though it was, it had to be done, and to soften the blow to my wallet, I made a special request from the optometrist who helped me:

the optic nerve…

…in the back of my eye

Yes, I asked him to send me photos of my eyes.  And why not, my dears?  They’re my eyes, aren’t they!?  Ask your optometrist for a copy of your own and see what they look like… mine look like planets!  

I actually spent 2 hours in Specsavers, you know.  Not only to register with the branch and retrieve some records from the one I went to in England, but also to know all the facts before I put down the money.  “How would the direct debit operate?  Could I amend it in future?  What about my quarterly plan?  Why are you charging this sum?”  So on and so forth until I was thoroughly satisfied and possibly the enemy of every member of staff (they were running around for answers to everything I was asking – god, I’m a brat!)  Perhaps this is just a compulsion of mine or simple curiosity, but I’ve always felt better knowing something inside-out.

And look what the children get these days if they need to wear glasses!

mr men design

Hopefully I’ll get some knitting done this weekend as I haven’t really been doing any.  My boyfriend gets lonely and increasingly resentful of the yarn stash… *sigh*  He’ll never be a knitter…



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