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the future is knitting

Now that I’ve finished the Emilia Kindle Case, and because I don’t have the patience to work on my Tedious Hat, I’m on the look-out for a new project that will stretch my knitting know-how and learn me some new skills.  So I recently joined the infamous knitter’s network, Ravelry.com, and spent some considerable time browsing through all its creations, lost in a maze of wonder and joy, joy and wonder, in seeing what one can achieve with just knitting needles.

emjay bailey friends

alana noritake brain hat

brain slugs from futurama

And by far my favouritest discovery on Ravelry that seems so wrong yet so right:

facehugger & friend


weirdness from meghan munro!

After these strange and fantastic diversions, I came across my project for the summer: the mug cozy.  A drink without a cozy, hot or cold, is not a drink worth holding at all and my duty it is to populate the season with “smoothie gloves” (cozies for chilled drinks).  But first, before I undertake such a daunting concept, I need to have a go at the following:


A mug cozy by Debbie Andruilli will make a popular gift idea for tea and coffee drinkers alike, non?  And if I exchange wool for cotton yarn, a well convenient smoothie glove especially for you, sir!

Also part of my browsing was ASOS.com, a website I’m becoming addicted to once again, much to the detriment of my wallet!  Here’s what I purchased most recently of all:

my lovely new bird bag!!

lots of cute little birds!

bird print satchel by kate sheridan

I’ve never owned a Kate Sheridan satchel before and I certainly didn’t buy it because Kate Sheridan made it; I just fell in love with the pattern and the practicality it offers to busy workers on the Night Shift who want to look cool and as if they actually have a life sometimes.  Fair enough, it wasn’t cheap (50% off in the sale, some leeway!!) and isn’t that waterproof by any measure, but who else has a satchel like this one in Dublin?  I people-watch all the time and often feel tempted to ask “Where did you buy that coat?” or “Where did you get that bag?” and have never seen this satchel gracing the shoulders of a Dubliner; therefore it’s my personal aim to rectify the situation… right?


While gloating at my new bag, I nearly spluttered at the sight of this promising knitted skirt from Connected Generation:

connected generation knitted mini skirt

From a distance it looks absolutely stunning, though, upon closer inspection…

knitting lies!

…I felt a little betrayed by the fact it wasn’t a ‘true’ knitted skirt.  A part of me scoffed with rage at the stupidity of printing a knitted pattern onto a Lycra material while a different part rejoiced in the optical illusion.  I’m still in two minds about whether to buy the damned thing (€20.00 in the sale).  Would a knitter be too lazy to make this themselves?  Or is it simply a matter of staying chill in the summer that Ireland seldom gets??


I like this snood by French Connection, though.  Definitely an item I’ll be making myself, once I study it closer!  Then again, I am tempted to just buy it ready-made since it only costs €33.00 (again, in the sale!)

scottish widows, anyone?

Since gifting the Emilia Kindle Case to a friend, I’m beginning to think that the future is knitting.  It’s the one interest I have at the moment where I can see myself becoming successful in a short period of time.  As long as my skills are up to scratch and I’m able to market my products, I can actually see myself at a crafts fair, debuting my work and catching the attention not only of the public but potentially lucrative business deals with retailers, here and everywhere!  It’s still early days, I suppose, and I’ll need to work really hard to get to that standard, but earning an income from what I enjoy… a glorious dream!  

lindor from my friend (exc. turtle!)