fancy nancy!

woe is me!

Lament the fact that I’m joking!  No way did I switch to Timeline – never shall, I tell you, NEVER!!  And no way will this post even mention my interest in knitting!  (Although I’ll get to that soon; it can’t be helped!)

very 21st century!

Let’s begin with my phone.  After many months of biding my time, waiting for that moment when my residency would pass more than a year here in Ireland, I finally went to O2 on O’Connell Street and purchased a Blackberry 9360 (purple).  Getting a new phone has been a long time coming for me and a fond point of reference in any conversation related to mobiles.  I’m surprisingly old-fashioned when it comes to technology.  I go by the motto “if it hasn’t broken then it doesn’t need replacing” and my conscience prickles with guilt whenever I feel tempted to replace my possessions.  I won’t show you what my old mobile looks now (too embarrassing!), but it’s a Motorola Motorokr U9 (purple) from the flip-phone generation, displaying clocks, screensavers, and music playlists on its front, which they say should act like a primitive touchscreen, though I can’t say it reliably did.

reconstruction of scuffed/battered mobile

While the phone still works, the “stickiness” of the buttons hugely annoys me.  You press the keypad then nothing happens, only to press it numerous times, causing it to (justifiably?) crash or type a million vowels in the middle of a text.  I wanted a new phone that didn’t do these stupid things, but even though I did, the idea of owning a smartphone wasn’t sitting well in my 2oth Century mind.  In this mind merely two decades old lay resistance to the gimmicky nature of the 21st Century smartphone.  Mobiles are meant to be more orgasmic than ever before, people keep telling me, thanks to their ability to constantly touch every little inch of it.  Ho ho!  Newsflash: we’ve always been able to ‘touch’ our phones!  So why are smartphones meant to be different?  Aside from giving teens that infuriating ambition to play their crap on the bus/Dart/Luas, what about smartphones is meant to be special?

Well, I guess it’s the convenience of finding out where you are without looking like a tourist in a city you’re meant to know like the back of your hand.  Call me a hermit, but the Night Shift (and human complacency) restricts my interest in overall travel.  I’ve begun to learn street names just recently from gazing out of the window whilst riding the bus or having to read and view maps carried by tourists.  To be Irish, or just a Dubliner, you have to know where you’re going, and if the person you’re trying to help doesn’t know a single street name then it doesn’t really matter if you give them accurate directions!

Another pro is having the internet for those last-minute queries or simply to help you out in a rare and tight fix.  For instance, I was shopping around for a Kindle last month and had to do all my research online before I left the apartment.  Had I owned a smartphone I could have easily done my research via free wi-fi on the bus and known which store to purchase all the items on my shopping list.  And if you’re stuck in the back end of nowhere with no credit or an inkling as to where the hell you are?  Why not use Google Maps to gain your immediate bearings or Facebook your friends with an urgent SOS?  With a standard flip-phone, I don’t think I could have managed any of that and so I was galvanised to make that important purchase.

The O2 rep was actually a Brit who has lived in Ireland for the past 6 years and frequently returns to his hometown, London.  I knew he was a Southerner from the moment he opened his mouth, and the more affluent type, from his general demeanour (it’s a Brit thing).  My decision to purchase a smartphone was probably cinched by our shared nationality and the fact that I hadn’t met a fellow Brit in goodness knows how many months.  From his sales pitch and small talk, I learnt a summary of his life from 18 upwards.  He studied in Australia then came back to England with the travelling bug and somehow landed in Ireland and stayed there.  He seemed pretty interesting and didn’t seem insensitive like so many sales folk I’ve met in the past, even cushioning the potential sting of having the piss ripped out of my phone by one of his more arrogant colleagues (I took the matter in good faith, mind you, but there’s a time and place for ripping the piss out of people, right!)  Anyway, the Blackberry’s good so far and I’m eating up battery life playing “Word Mole” and checking my emails 🙂

I’m also eating up mileage with my newly purchased bike.  Second-hand but the perfect size for a city apartment and better than forking out for something brand new then not ever using it!

at home in the kitchen!

It’ll need a good clean, I’ll admit, and perhaps some extra accessories such as rearview mirrors and a bike lock, but it’s all good to go and it’s all of it mine!  Bwuh hahaha!!  But I’m still scared of roads without any bike lanes 😦

So what else have I been buying with my night-time cash…?  

fancy nancy…

…maths paper!

super chunky yarn!

peppers for roast pepper salad!

Okay, so you can’t really see any peppers in the picture above, but roasting peppers I have in my electric fan oven!  Haven’t a clue if you’re meant to drizzle raw peppers with olive oil before you bung them in or if it’s even a crime to eat them with their softly charred skins on, but they taste sweet and strong in that delicate way that persuades a non-salad eater to keep eating salad.  (Boyfriend’s eating salad now with the help of home-made wedges and roasted peppers!  Genius!!  I’m bending him to my will…)

* * *

If you want a go at roasting peppers yourself:

  1. Cover a baking tray with foil
  2. Wash some bell peppers (or even paprika!)
  3. De-stalk and de-seed
  4. Slice in half and squash flat on chopping board
  5. Pop in the oven!

Optional: drench your peppers in oil and season a little with salt (just salt; not poncy coarse sea salt!)

* * *

As for what I have planned for my pad of maths paper and super chunky yarn?

To be continued…!


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