knitter’s block

Meant to write this post yesterday but couldn’t keep myself awake to finish it off.  That sunny weather I was talking about last week?  No longer here.  Wet and windy Friday has come, and with it, some laziness affecting my plans for the weekend.

With the Euro Championships underway, I’m tempted to simply put up my feet and watch it unfold or finally work on one of my stories.  I’m reaching this point, I think, where obsessing over an interest is actually wearing me out and making me wish I could do something else…   Is there such a thing as “Knitter’s Block”?  Can knitting too much bring this weariness on?  I really hope so.  I don’t want it seem like I’m just giving up…

To distract myself, I spent sometime on Etsy in search of a knitting bag.  Alas, I found other things…

yarn ball stamp by hoffeeandanuffin

love to knit necklace by fiore jewellery

very hungry caterpillar knitting needles by dotdotsmile

mushrooms & dolls needle organizer by elsie geneva

interior of elsie geneva case

Apart from the knitting case above, I would also love to own this coat by French designer Malam.  They have a line with goblin-shaped hoods, flared sleeves, and military trims that would set me back a staggering €340.00.

baroque chevron tweed coat by malam

Not on my shopping list, though the perfect alternative to buttonholes and zippers, is this nice, cosy phone case designed by Slouchypouches:

cable cellphone pouch

It astounds me that I never thought of this feature before!  (Knitting is really a form of engineering!)  Haven’t crocheted since my younger years but it can’t be harder than knitting with double-pointed needles – the kind I actually need for my Blackberry case.  Can’t believe I didn’t check this… I already own some double-pointed needles!!  Oh well, it’s what I get for being too excited, I guess, and trying to knit on my own without expert intervention.

retail therapy

Here’s what I bought from my favourite yarn store prior to all the drama:

  1. Clover Darning Needle Set “Chibi” 
    Just for the case that will stop me losing my needles!
  2. Clover Point Protectors  (small)
    Need these now I have needles less than 4.5 mm.

    1 & 2

  3. Debbie Bliss Cotton DK
    Really love this yarn so bought another in “Stone” for my Blackberry case.  I like how durable the cotton is compared to plain wool, as well as the fact it won’t bobble that much (or pill!)
  4. KnitPro Cable 60 cm
    Recommended by the store assistant.  My experience with circular needles is nil (don’t we know!) and she said 60 cm should be fine for something like a cowl, so hopefully I can make one without any sewing involved as I never did like a visible seam!
  5. KnitPro “Symfonie” Circular Needles 3.25 mm
    My preferred needle size for Debbie Bliss Cotton DK and probably a good size all around for someone who knits with tightly held yarn, something I really can’t help since I grip my pens the same way!

4 & 5

So what am I doing now, if it isn’t knitting?  Probably watching the Euros whilst wondering if footy fans will also need one of these…



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