the alberry case

I was idly checking my almanac and noticed how rarely I post on a Monday.  No issues at all with Mondays; don’t mean to avoid it by any means.  Just that Sunday night on the Night Shift is particularly hard and you’ll seldom find me awake with anything useful to say.

pom juice & garlic

Perhaps some pom juice will see me right?  What about some garlic?  I read somewhere that pom juice is meant to reduce stress and garlic cloves are meant to be good for your… eyes?  Skin?  Your hair??  Won’t cheat and Google but garlic is good for you and they’re really great buddies with olives and gerkins!

Looking at the jar, you probably think I’m eating them raw but assure you I’m not.  They’re pickled, my dears, and come soaked in brine.  When you eat them, they’re crunchy and pleasant and don’t taste like garlic at all.  It’s difficult to say what this garlic actually tastes like… it’s quite nice, believe me!

As for the pom juice… let’s just say I didn’t go crazy and buy another carton.  It’s drinkable.  It has a similar dryness to cranberry, though slightly sweeter, more sour, and far more bearable raw, straight from the fruit.  Instead of relieving stress I’m finding this juice stressful… why is it awful?  I thought it would taste nice!  Ah well, my juice adventure is over.  Pom juice isn’t great 😦

While watching France Vs. England match, I finally made my Blackberry case:

front view

bird’s eye view

rear view

I named this “The Alberry Case” as “The Owl Berry Case” didn’t look right.  Knitting with double-pointed needles was easier than I thought, and though the needle size was bigger than I would have preferred (4.5mm not 3.25mm), the owl turned out nice and the stitching even.

As I didn’t understand how knitting in the round worked with double-pointed needles, I had to set aside my own pattern for the owl and work with the one designed by Jammymummy.  Our Blackberry cases are similar but I tweaked the pattern to have a thinner stockinette along the bottom and created a handle like the one I saw by Slouchypouches.  The handle was very crude as I don’t know how to crochet; I merely watched videos over and over on YouTube where they were crocheting handles!  Having said that, it still does the trick and I’m satisfied with the outcome.  I would have liked a ‘fluffier’ yarn as the case doesn’t look quite the way I imagined.  At the moment it looks too clean and minimalistic – kind of like IKEA?

In making the Alberry case I discovered the difference between knitting straight and knitting double: with the former, you have a wrong and a right side and you have to flip the work around to build up a pattern; with the latter, there isn’t a knit to match your purl, you just alternate between them until the pattern is built.  Hmm!  I’ll have to revisit my efforts.

a work in progress


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  • handmadebytracie

    Pure pomegranate juice isn’t so tasty on its own, however when you add it to some greek or plain yogurt, fruit, maybe a touch of honey and blend it up in a smoothie it’s delicious! It really adds a nice flavor to the smoothie plus you get the nutritional benefits. On its own though I agree that it’s not very appealing.

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