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no way…


happy monday


end of the night


Well, not sure what to do with this blog now that the Night Shift has officially ended.  On Tuesday night we were all sent an email asking us to attend an “important meeting”.  Even those on annual leave were asked to come in.  Being on the Night Shift, we were some of the first to receive this ominous invite and quickly suspected the worst: they were shutting operations in Dublin.

And that’s what happened.  After two days of drama and swift negotiations, the Night Shift has now ceased to exist and we’re required to sign official documents on Wednesday morning.  The Day Shift are still active, so if anything changes before we’re due in then we’ll be sure to hear.

I’m not sure how I feel, though.  Initially I was relieved, and like many staff in the company, wanted to do something different.  I don’t have a clue what that something is or whether rushing into the next available job is the best course of action, but I knew that working for this company wasn’t my calling in life, even if it paid me well for the trouble.

In fact, the wage was what made it difficult to leave.  I was paid a nice sum for doing very little, so how sensible would it be to actually leave this place for somewhere else?  I have no idea what to do with my life; I don’t know what job would interest me more or what studies I should take.  It is very hard to decide when you’re feeling so ambivalent.

I have an interview on Monday morning.  It’s for the same job I’m doing now but with a company that offers good perks and pays you to do a vocational course.  Not sure that resuming such a job would make me happy.  While I was successful at contacting people to settle their finance, it was done on the assumption that they knew it had to happen – and Australians were pretty good, picking up the call instead of ignoring you and proposing repayments which they, for the most part, truthfully honoured.

Now with the Irish, I’m not so sure.  I’ve never worked with the Irish.  From what I’ve heard, they are less likely to suffer from self-entitlement complex and trust you to resolve the issues that arise.  I’ll just have to see how the interview goes.  If it happens, then great; the pressure is off and my record for remaining dole-free shall continue unchallenged.  If it doesn’t then I can focus on something else, like enjoying free time I’ve been craving for months and deciding what to do about those dreams and ambitions.  After all, I’ll have enough money for months yet to come.

Why rush the next step towards a brighter, happier future?


the tedious hat: chapter ii

courtesy of

The journey is long and yet I continue on this arduous quest to finish the Tedious Hat.  Sometimes I wish to give up and return to my comfortable life, ignorant of the hardships which assail my confidence daily…

How did it feel to know nothing of this torment?  What must I do now to make it all end?

I take inspiration from Demolition Man.  He knows the perils of dropping one stitch on the second repeat of a pattern and how to calmly pick it back up.

Ah, yes, I lost my patience and unravelled the lot, silly me, but there is light at the end of tunnel…

Just keep knitting, keep knitting, and you will get there!


gloomy friends

I was out and about in Dublin today on a ‘special’ date with the boyfriend.  For several weeks we’ve been passing like ships in the night due to our different schedules, so it was great to finally spend a weekend together and also use a voucher I bought from GrabOne, which I sometimes rely on for bargains.

On our way to the restaurant, we noticed two things: people wearing wellies on a perfectly sunny day and columns along the centre of O’Connell Street with huge canvas posters.  The former had something to do with a festival or concert close to the city, while the other was celebrating what Poznan did to thank the Irish for not trashing Poland.

poznan says “thank you”

The restaurant we went to is “Burritos and Orange” on Middle Abbey Street.  Although it resembles a coffee shop with the colour scheme, it’s suddenly Mexican the moment you enter: tissue paper bunting, floral patterns on bright tablecloths, a random selection of hats… maybe as Mexican as you’ll get in a country like Ireland, but pretty welcoming all the same.  The waitress appeared with menus, pointing out which sections applied to our voucher, and delivered orders in a timely fashion without being intrusive.  The music was mellow and ‘Mexican’, and it didn’t bother us how close the Luas passed to the building.  Perhaps this was down to the Coronas we were served, I don’t know, but the atmosphere was perfect.

courtesy of

And you’re probably expecting me to show you photos of the food we had – sorry, I don’t have any; I was too busy, you know, eating the food.  But I do recommend the Azteca soup, a clean broth containing tomato, avocado, chili, and strips of tortilla.  It has the right balance of spice and depth without being heavy – a soup I’ve never had and would love to make!  For his main, the boyfriend chose Green Chilaquiles, chicken covered in salsa, sour cream, and cheese.  I tried a little and thought it was nicer than my Shrimp Fajitas (fried king prawn, onions, bell peppers), which were a bit plain and only saved by the Pico De Gallo (salsa) we didn’t get with the Queso Fundido (cheese, salad, flour tortillas).

All in all, we wouldn’t mind going back to “Burritos and Orange” again, though the place does need refurbishment to match the price on their menu.

courtesy of

We also went to Forbidden Planet to check out copies of The Walking Dead, just to compare the artwork of older volumes against the newer ones. I’ve seen the series so don’t know much about the graphic novels, though the boyfriend says they are very different and not as slow and melodramatic.

For my trouble, I received this Gloomy mug as a gift:

before hot liquid…

…after hot liquid

what a wonderful…


Before heading home, we went to my favourite yarn store This is Knit and bought some gear for making the o w l s jumper I saw by Kate Davies.  I purchased the pattern online last week, and with the exchange rate, cost about €5.o0.  The pattern doesn’t look too hard since it is mostly done in the round; it’s just the sleeves I’m worried about.  I think it mentions knitting the sleeves into the main body somehow, not sure.

Nevertheless, the store assistant (a helpful American who knows her stuff!) recommended “the magic loop” method on YouTube and kindly offered to help at any stage I struggled (bless her!)  The reason she knew the pattern so well was down to Kate Davies doing some classes at This Is Knit in the past.  Shame she isn’t doing that right now… I’d sign up!

let’s DO this!!


hello kitty workout!

stupid knitter’s block!!

Ah yes, the Knitter’s Block still persists, but what better way to ignore it than to join the local gym?  I went there last week to sign up, and based on other gyms in the city, this one’s pretty cheap, offering an annual membership at €265.00, plus 4 months free to sweeten the bargain.  I’m only in for the swim (€10.00 per visit, otherwise!), so I’m practically laughing, even if I turn up a shoddy twice a month.

my ride

their ride

Now I’ve never joined a gym before so I got a few things wrong in the changing rooms, like, where the hell are the changing rooms?  Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t there meant to be actual “changing rooms”?  I walked past walls of lockers without once encountering a cubicle and tried not to stare at everyone strolling around like a colony of nudists.   When not nude, they would shuffle in fluffy bathrobes and slippers as if they really live there.  Tell me: is this the gym?  You mean we have to get naked like the Japanese after sweating for hours at treadmills?!

I’ll have to get used to this.  I haven’t been back since, but I have every intention of doing so, once I purchase some flip-flops and a towel I won’t be ashamed of.  The gym is such a weird place…

“camille” long coat by malam

Despite technical issues with Ulster Bank (no pay, boo hoo!), I managed to afford my deposit for a hand-tailored coat previously spotted on Etsy.  It took me a while to decide, but there’s no point having money if you ain’t gonna spend it.  So I spent it on a black version of this coat and have had a great experience with Malam so far, who has kindly helped me every step of the way and should have my order complete by the end of the month.  I really look forward to owning my first ever hand-tailored garment and can’t wait to show you how wonderful it is!

potter by fairysteps

Should I get these wizardly boots as well?  They’re also on Etsy and made by British cordwainers Fairysteps.  I would love to own a pair of their quirky little boots when autumn comes, so better start saving up!

hello kitty toothpaste

And don’t ask me why I’ve started taking photos of Hello Kitty products.  I found this toothpaste in Superdrug and decided it would be fun to locate these cute and random products on the shelves of Irish supermarkets.  There’s Hello Kitty shampoo with dead sea minerals in Poundland too, though I didn’t have the guts to take a photo at the time (don’t want to look like a tourist now!)  Wonder where else Hello Kitty is hiding in Dublin…?