jet lagged

courtesy of september scanlations

It has been more than a week since I last worked the Night Shift, and still, I feel really tired in the afternoons and suddenly wide awake just before midnight.  This is normal, I suppose, when you’re trying to resume a daytime routine, but I wish it wouldn’t take so long to overcome this jet lag…

The boyfriend (bless him) has been incredibly patient, putting up with moments where I snap at him for no reason then loll around like a zombie who has had its fill of brains.  Although I don’t often say this, my boyfriend has helped me out so much, keeping the apartment spic and span whilst doing all the shopping and taking care of chores.  Without his support, working the Night Shift would have been hard, really hard, and I’m grateful to have a boyfriend I can trust and rely on.  I make this arrangement seem easy, but it honestly isn’t.  Like many in my generation, I grew up expecting that men would have the jobs and women would struggle…

Anyway, here’s a Hello Kitty I found in my local Schuh:

they’re off the wall, alright!


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