swings and roundabouts

courtesy of astronerdboy’s anime & manga blog

Day 3 in my new job so far, and surprisingly, my transition from working the Night Shift to working the Day Shift is much harder than I thought.  The jetlag I expected, given the 12-hour difference between Ireland and Australia, but making new friends is another kettle of fish – it’s really frustrating when you’re bang out of practice! Won’t get into that, though; a bit dark and boring for a blog about the Night Shift.

Instead, you know that email I wrote about flower-shaped biscuits? The blighters went and wrote back to me, explaining the reason why we can’t have the original biscuits:

Dear Xxxxxx,

Thank you for your email and your comments, we outsource the manufacture of our biscuits, unfortunately the original company we used to make our biscuits were forced to close due to economic reasons, so we were challenged with the task of finding an alternate manufacturer for the product.  This process took a considerable period of time and we even considered taking the product off the market until we located a company that was prepared to produce our biscuits.  
The current biscuit is made using a different mould and utilises low gluten flour which is more suited to this type of product, for technical reasons it is unlikely that we will be able to revert to the large biscuit in the near future. 
The pack size is exactly the same 150 g, although as you indicate the size of the biscuit is reduced, the feed back from a majority of our customers indicate they prefer the smaller biscuit. Although I do appreciate that if you using our product with cheese the size may not be optimal.
We shall continue to monitor feed back from our customers and thank you for your comments.
Kind regards
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx

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