tea and fashion

my new cat tea cosy

After my weekly German class, I decided to get into the Christmas spirit early and went into the heart of Grafton Street for a bit of shopping.  Above is my new tea cosy from the Kilkenny Shop, which recently opened a smaller outlet on Grafton Street in order to promote its Irish wares in the run up to Christmas.  I’ve never been to this place until now, and boy have I missed out on some really nice goods!  Not only do they sell various crafts made in Ireland but they also promote fashion brands such as Nica and Orla Kiely.  Since I went to the smaller outlet, I didn’t see this Orla Kiely birdcage umbrella or the “Twitter” tea towel by Ulster Weavers (best to visit the link provided as the image is quite small and they describe it beautifully in the ‘Quick Overview’!)

orla kiely multi flower birdcage umbrella

I hope to visit their larger outlet on Nassau Street before returning to work on Wednesday.  My bid to spend Christmas overseas has failed due to super-bureaucracy, therefore November shall be spent using annual leave to relax and enjoy my little windfall from the Irish Revenue.  For instance, I have splashed out on a splendiferous teapot from Avoca to go with my lovely new cosy…

my new teapot

…and treated my boyfriend to some early Christmas presents from River Island.  You’re probably wondering why I’m buying him clothes which he could purchase himself, but the thing is, my dears, I’m a typical 21st Century woman and it isn’t fun to spend all that money on myself.  I help him find clothes that suit him the most or give him ideas for outfits that work.  Compared to matching female garments, doing this for guys is so much easier and much more interesting.  Instead of considering how this type of skirt will go with a plethora of tops, you just decide shirt + hoodie + jeans = style and the whole lot can be intermixed with t-shirts, blazers, and hats.

At the moment, there seems to be a trend for quilted hoodies and jackets.  I am trying to persuade the boyfriend how this one from Quiksilver will suit him, as well as serve a practical purpose:

quiksilver porto hoodie

It’s a grey quilted hoodie with furry black lining and bound to keep him warm in the winter month to come, so never mind the price!  Ignore it completely!  As long as the quality’s good, it will last awhile without going out of fashion and still keep you warm on a great night out!

Right, Liebling? 🙂


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