astute selfishness

derived from “silver spoon”

It’s really strange, but I’m feeling a little guilty about that new job.  While the team took it well and didn’t seem too bothered, some were disappointed they hadn’t seen this job coming and asked me how I managed to get it.  Well, I smiled, rather sheepishly, it was down to being a bit sly. Not sure about you, but I never discuss any jobs I apply for.  If there’s the slightest chance that someone else could get them instead of me – even those I’m friends with, who I know loathe their job and are desperate to escape – I keep my cards close and merely say nothing, which lames me with levels of guilt I clearly can’t handle (adds some more sprinkles).

Of course, where there are more than a few jobs going, I would most certainly mention the vacancies [to those I’d still love to work with, haha].  However, in the case of this job, it wasn’t clear from the description just how many jobs were available, so what was I to do?  Risk losing out to a friend or something regretful like that?  You must be joking!  But I’m starting to think that I should have… it would have been nice to work with someone I know…  I was selfish, wasn’t I?  I’m an utterly horrible person!  To salve my guilt, let me share how I usually land my jobs so I don’t have to feel like I’m ruthless…

First of all, I always (ALWAYS) ask why I was given that job.  This may come across like an ego trip for Yours Truly, but without knowing why you landed the job, how will you land another in the very same company?  If you know what they like, the kind of people they’re after, it will give you a clear idea of how to get promoted.  Not only that, but you also understand which techniques really work and how those techniques will give you a future advantage.  After all, what’s the point in being [ambitious] if you’re riding on a wave of good luck?  You have to know why you’re good, not that you’re good enough, and who better to let you know how but the person who gave you the time to promote yourself in the first place?

Always (ALWAYS) remember the name of those who gave you the interview – why would you not?!   The person who interviewed me back in August seemed pleasantly surprised that I remembered their name and went through the trouble of finding them on the intranet.  They offered a meeting in person and gave me strong insight into the company as a whole and why I stood out from other candidates they had interviewed.  Without going into detail (trade secrets, you know!), the feedback was pretty good, made me feel great – really triumphant! – but more importantly, I was told there would be jobs coming up in November, which leads me to my final point…

If you no longer like your current job, always (ALWAYS) search for a new one.   Upon my good friend’s advice, I checked the intranet on a weekly basis until that new job came along in October.  Bitching on your breaks gets you nowhere, sitting there looking depressed gets you nowhere, so keep your eyes open and create your own chances or you’ll end up disappointed!!

Now, will you forgive me? 😦

look, cake and ice cream!


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