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just a dream…

My boyfriend and I were splitting up, and before this officially happened, he had tried to tell me how our relationship would end through several quotes from this book.  And we both had this book, but the quotes he chose were different to mine, demanding why I never listened, why I always assumed that things would be the same.

Slowly, I realised what he meant, though, by then, it was too late to respond, too late to persuade him not to give it all up.  I asked him to give me more time so I could try and find a new place – he told me that was fine, that he would wait until I did.  As he moved to leave the house, I quickly went with him, holding his hand as we usually would when walking together in public.

And everything around us simply went on, oblivious to the pain I was feeling inside.  I didn’t want us to end – I didn’t want him to walk just like that away from my life.  Before I knew it, I had stopped in the street, tears falling down as I openly cried.

‘Don’t go!’ I begged. ‘I don’t want you to go!’

Casually, he turned, and with such a normal look to his face, said he would call me, completely unaffected.

I woke up in tears, fumbling in the dark to check that he was there-

A dream I had this morning.



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