ongaku tuesday

hmm, what a great ceiling...

hmm, what a great ceiling…

On my iPod right now are a bunch of 80s songs I never used to like but have somehow come to appreciate. I won’t mention them all, since some of them were used as a form of musical torture (ie. overplayed by my mother), so here is just a sample of the songs I really enjoy and hope you do as well.

  1. “Edge of Seventeen” – Stevie Nicks
    (First heard on School of Rock and the perfect song to remind Ms. Mullins she was cool and still is.)
  2. “Out of Touch” – Hall & Oates
    (Soundtrack to the death of many a lamppost on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.)
  3. “Sounds Like A Melody” – Alphaville
    (Capella didn’t write this song, still can’t believe it…)
  4. “Love is the Drug” – Roxy Music
    (Classy intro to Sucker Punch, a film I actually like but people seem to hate?)
  5. “Kiss” – Prince
    (A song that can make the most dignified villains lose their minds in a panto.)
  6. “Never Let Me Down” – Depeche Mode
    (Played at my friend’s wedding last year while she danced with her quiet brother.)
  7. “The Chain” – Fleetwood Mac
    (They only play the ‘coolest’ part on adverts, so I wanted to hear the whole thing.)

Of course there are more songs on my iPod than that, but these are the ones I’m not too embarrassed to talk about… oh okay, you’ve twisted my arm!

  1. “I Eat Cannibals” – Toto Coelo
  2. “Brother Louie” – Modern Talking
  3. “The Riddle” – Nik Kershaw
  4. “Superman” – Black Lace
  5. “I’m Always Here” – Jimi Jamison
  6. “True” – Spandau Ballet
  7. “Der Kommisar” – Falco
Hit it, Pikachu!

“Yes, I think I wanna dance… UH!”

(In case you noticed, thanks kevinay!)


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