allergies & brief holidays


oh my eyes

There must have been extra mould in the air-con as today was simply awful. My eyes were dry, my nose was runny – I just felt like being in bed with a mug of Lemsip! Since the doctor advised me to take anti-histamines and spray my eyes with Optrex, these symptoms have more or less disappeared, to the point where I only go through half a packet of tissues and can hold a conversation without sneezing my face off. But today… I don’t know what happened today. It’s like being back at Square One. If this treatment isn’t working then what else am I going to do, apart from finding a job where the office doesn’t have air-con and actually opens the windows?

I think feeling bad has influenced my eating… 

  • 07:15 – chocolate chip muesli with semi-skimmed milk;
  • 11:00 – small portion of dried mango & a few Maltesers;
  • 13:00 – homemade tuna mayo sandwich with pickled gerkins;
  • 14:15 – fudge flapjack (this lasted me until 16:30, I’m that slow!);
  • 19:00 – sweet & sour vegetables with rice;
  • 20:00 – some bison grass chocolate.

Plus: 10 x decaff tea (approx.); 1 x normal tea; 3 x cup of water

yes, chocolate with BISON GRASS

yes, chocolate with BISON GRASS

I actually brought that chocolate from Poland, forgot to mention that. A friend who used to work the Night Shift returned to Poland last year, so many Facebook messages later, I finally booked a flight to the city of Poznań and stayed a couple of nights to sample the West. Now, before you think that was evil, leaving my boyfriend alone on Valentine’s Day (of all days!), let me describe how evil it would have been not to visit a friend I haven’t seen in months and also spend it alone while my boyfriend is working…

Pretty evil.

So we spent the first night settling into each other’s company again, and I must say that it felt really good to talk about our thoughts, our lives, our feelings, our dreams, without holding back or fearing what the other might think. We ate at a local restaurant in Old Market Square, slowly working our way through ambitious piles of boiled and baked dumplings, supping non-alcoholic beers (the place had lost its license), then lolling around in a dimly lit bar with sofas, musical instruments, and tram tracks on the floor from when the bar was once a public railway – the perfect setting for my first Mad Dog!

old market square

old market square 1


old market square 2

polish soup

żurek (traditional polish soup)

Of course we did more cultured things, such as viewing Polish artwork in the local museum, attending my friend’s cousin’s singing recital, and gaping at the cathedral where the first kings of Poland had been laid to rest. As I didn’t stay in Poland too long, it’s a little premature to give an impression of what that country is like, but you can certainly see how different it is from cities without Communist influence. The architecture’s blank and grim, it’s difficult to tell what every building is for, and the busiest streets are packed to the rafters with banks because they’re the only ones who can pay the high rent. Nevertheless, methinks I’ll be going again to see this interesting country – probably when the weather clears up in the summer and lets me see the sky which should rightly shine on Poland!


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