enjoy the silence

the joys of quality assessment

the joys of quality assessment

Believe me, it used to be different. I used to enjoy finding mistakes and having a giggle. There were days where all I did was scoff at calls gone epically wrong, not to mention asking why certain people still had their jobs. But soon, the novelty had to wear off. I got tired of the numerous mistakes and the fact that hardly anyone was meeting required standards. Instead of smirking like a dick, I was shredding my soul into a million pieces, bashing my head against imaginary walls. I wanted someone to pass, to show me that I worked with a brilliant team!

And then the floor was given a target.

After more than three months, management were forced to acknowledge that performance was important in other ways than money. They began to fret over calls and anxiously appealed (in person!) the ones which had failed for the simplest things – and all to avoid the Boss demanding why their teams were utterly rubbish. And because of this juicy development, I can imagine no greater moment than seeing my former team leader’s face as she reads a detailed report on the performance of her team (she never did value that side of the job!) Ah… what a face!

So what did I eat?

  • 07:15 – tuna mayo on toast
  • 11:00 – Alpro blackberry yoghurt
  • 13:00 – sweet & sour vegetables with rice leftovers & an apple
  • 14:30 – Peanut “9Bar”
  • 16:00 – small portion of dried mango
  • 19:00 – fish finger sandwiches with pickled gerkins & garlics

Plus: 6 x decaff tea; 1 x normal tea; 3 x cup of water


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