the future is jogging



I have this feeling I’ll be jogging next week. May not be ideal in this wintry weather we’re having, but by the time the weather warms up (and it will, I tell you, it will!), I’ll soon have the physical stamina to run in the sunshine. Since climbing stairs to the seventh floor of my office began, climbing once a day to ease myself in, I’m starting to feel pretty confident that jogging will more or less happen. I mean, take today, for instance: when have I ever jogged from the bus stop to the hotel next to my home without ending up dead? Compared to previous efforts, I was positively cool as I stopped in front of the building to casually enter the car park next door. To think something like that could boost my ego so much is kind of surprising. I see now why jogging can be so addictive!

And I had a really great time in German today. We’re learning modal verbs and how to discuss our professions, and though I missed a week where they went into detail on articles, I honestly felt like something was free in my mind, like I was able to envision myself becoming fluent. When I learnt my first language, I made so many mistakes and one of them was to review all the grammar like an actress learning lines. It’s not about learning set phrases, conjugations, and articles, but also about identifying the context and understanding which mode the sentences are in. For the first time, I can probably describe my own language in technical terms. If you say to me “the infinitive”, I know what it actually means, and I can look at a sentence and comprehend the reason why it needs to be a particular case. And this knowledge is so amazing to me that I can’t believe that I know it… I totally get what you foreigners are thinking!

I’m so enlightened…

  • 08:15 – tuna mayo toast with pickled gerkins & garlics
  • 11:00 – small slice of carrot cake
  • 14:45 – 1 x banana & Polish almond biscuits
  • 16:30 – an apple
  • 17:30 – more Polish almond biscuits
  • 19:30 – omelette with sweet & sour vegetable leftovers
  • 21:00 – (to be decided!)

Plus: 3 x normal tea; 2 x cup of water


3 responses to “the future is jogging

  • nicluvly

    I love running before I had the baby but it seems I have neither the stanima or the time to do it any longer. Do you feel like learning another language helps you with the more technical aspects of the English language then?

    • grimdreamer

      How much did you used to run? I didn’t realise you had to ease yourself in for several weeks before actually getting to run! I’m spending two weeks mastering seven flights of stairs before moving onto the “big stuff”.

      And yes, I think it gives me a clearer understanding of how my own language works. German is more similar to English than Japanese, so the language is much easier to grasp. I can finally understand why foreigners are so politely precise when speaking in English!

      • nicluvly

        I used to run 3 times a week. It took me a while to get to the running part. I used to just walk short distances around my neighborhood until I had built up enough stamina to actually run.

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