my nemesis

time to get the claws out!

time to get the claws out!

Be honest, everyone needs a nemesis. Everyone needs, at some stage in their lives, that one individual they just cannot stand, for whatever reason, to somehow get in the way of a good afternoon. Your nemesis can be anyone: any age, any race, any gender. They can even have the same interests and look exactly human. The main thing is that you hate them, loathe them, want them gone from the universe – and you’d be lying if you didn’t sort of want the arrangement.

These days I have a nemesis myself, or rather, I like to think that I have one since they frequently visit the back of my mind. I don’t mean to think of them, either. I could be sitting there reading or playing Nintendo when suddenly up they spring, pulling at my thoughts like they know I’ve forgotten. What is it with this person? What is it with their name? It’s not like I chart their downfall, wish them a horrid disease or pray that they suffer a lingering death. They’re just there out of nowhere, lurking around in my head like a monster who has actually murdered my boyfriend. I just work with this person, rarely face-to-face, in different departments, and yet here we are in this strangely venomous binding, and simply because our ‘friendship’ turned ugly.

I guess it’s not surprising, given how our ‘friendship’ started out with hatred in the first place. Call me a snob, but I just cannot stand a certain type of person. I get along well with people as a whole, but there are types I just cannot stand because I do not respect them. In the case of my darling nemesis, I suppose it’s their cowardice and self-centredness that gets my goat the most. We used to work with each other in the previous company, and being a new colleague at the time on the Night Shift, my nemesis wanted to prove they were worth their weight in gold and behaved in such a way that I couldn’t abide them. Needless to say, without going into detail, we gradually reached this point where we couldn’t even talk or sit in the same room.

bestest friends!

bestest friends!

But peace was eventually made, and what a lovely peace it was! We were both so relieved not to ‘hate’ each other that our friendship went into overdrive, fierce and strong until we both transferred to opposite departments, no longer seeing one another as much as we used to. A few months down the line, we met again in the same department of a different company, but this time it seemed like our friendship had disappeared and we had very little in common. When we tried to find common ground, there just wasn’t any left – more so when I transferred to the role I have now, where any attempt to communicate was greeted by this person with suspicion or downright rudeness. On random days they would talk me to death, barely letting me speak, then on others ignore my presence, as if we had argued. The final straw came when they constantly failed to apologise for their clearly aggressive and irrational attitude. “Who needs a ‘friend’ like that?” I asked myself. “I certainly don’t!”

And thus we come full circle; this poor angel is once again my nemesis. While I can’t quite say that I relish this opportunity, there is still a weird comfort in hating this person again. And what do I care if having a nemesis isn’t productive, healthy or rewarding? You just need one sometimes to reinforce the fact you are right, fucking right; that your method is better and they cannot fucking scorn you. As I described this to someone before, when they asked me why the heck I even bother with all this nonsense, I replied that it’s like being in love, but the opposite way round. Your attention is on them and you want to know what they’re doing, you want to know, as much as those in love want to know, precisely what that slimy fuck-up is doing for no particular reason. When you hate someone so much that you start to think of them over all others you thought you despised, then you’ll know who the hell your bloody nemesis is… you’ll just bloody know and you can’t do jack about it!

A toast to them, rotten bastard!!

  • 10:15 – 2 x Marmite on toast & 1 x banana
  • 13:00 – Italian tortelloni leftovers
  • 16:30 – chocolate muesli with semi-skimmed milk
  • 18:00 – sausage roll & cherry tomatoes
  • 20:30 – home-made potato wedges with Caesar salad
  • 21:00 – 2 x chocolate chip cookies

Plus: 0 x decaff tea; 5 x normal tea; 2 x cup of water


2 responses to “my nemesis

  • nicluvly

    I’ve often heard there’s a fine line between love and hatred. I’ve never had a nemesis, that I am aware of but it would be interesting to have one, I think. Just for the life experience.

    • grimdreamer

      It’s an eye-opening experience. I’ve had two so far, both from the workplace. No doubt there’s a part of me who can’t handle a female rival, but there’s also another part who just can’t stand an idiot 😉

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