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tribute to nathan

misfits cheese sister

Ever since I saw this meme for Misfits on the internet, I just had to pay tribute with some of my own. Obviously the funniest guy on there is Nathan and I’ve captured two of his finer moments from the series.


Anyway, I’m pretty sure no one else has made these. If they have, and theirs happens to look way cooler than mine… well! Did they create theirs in an effort to avoid German homework?


(Didn’t think so!)


chickens with beer

what my saturdays never look like

what my saturdays never look like

Today was the first Saturday where I turned up to German class slightly hungover. We went to a friend’s place last night for a drink, naturally leading to a couple of drinks, and then a few drinks, and then some more drinks. Eventually, the drinking had to end around half-past one (in the morning, of course!) and we took a taxi home, resulting in a bleary-eyed student turning up 10 minutes late to their German class at 9.30 am and wishing that the teacher would ignore their presence completely. Given my record as an eager beaver, being ignored was not entirely possible and I made some mistakes as I battled against the throbbing in my skull. Navigating Berlin theoretically through a textbook on a Saturday morning? Not the easiest thing!

(Will not go drinking on Fridays.)

But I did feel pretty good when it came to the results from last week’s test. My score was 35.5 out of 40 (89%), a good indication that everything I’ve learnt has managed to stay where it should, and tempered by the fact that my essay was not so accomplished.

* * *

“Was ist dein Traumberuf?” (v.2)

Mein Traumberuf ist Schriftstellerin. Ich möchte gerne ein lässige, interessanten Job machen, wo ich allein arbeiten kann und ich meine Fantasie spielen lassen kann

Momentan arbeite ich mit vielen Leuten in einem Büro. Die Atmosphäre ist sehr streng und die Fantasie beschränkt. Ich muss oft in einem ruhigen Zimmer oder zu Hause arbeiten!

Obwohl ich gern mit meinen Kollegin und Kolleginnen arbeite, kann ich nie schreiben, weil wir immer reden. Ich möchte lieber Kriminalgeschichte und übersinnlicher Geschichten schreiben. 

Um ehrlich zu sein, das Geld ist nicht so wichtig.

* * *

Even if the grammar isn’t correct, I think my teacher likes that I try to master new things. “Slow down a little,” she tells me, “and wait for the lessons where [subordinating conjunctions] are explained in more detail.” Judging from her disposition, it seemed like my essay had surprised her with its content – perhaps I was too honest about my dream job!?

Anyway, still deep in this wonderful mood which is down to drinking with friends on a Friday. Until that evening, I had no idea how much I actually missed being able to relax and enjoy the company of friends. I have spent so long being with people who don’t understand me, who don’t like me as a person, who don’t share enough of my interests, that I’ve almost come to believe I’m no longer an interesting person, that the person I truthfully am was utterly destroyed. Sure, I may have been annoying, I may have stepped on some toes now and then, but there isn’t any malice in my actions and no tendency to negate the strengths and skills in others. If there are honestly people out there who need to use me as an excuse to hate their own lives, or <insert some other bullshit reason, like having zero self-discipline or semblance of drive>, then pity is all I have for their poor, shitty spirits.

They’re only birds who can’t fly!

tweet tweet tweet!

tweet tweet tweet!