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i thought so

thought so!

Things are cool now between myself and that once-awful place I fleetingly described in yesterday’s post. The building still stands, the occupants still live and my hair has returned to a standard of appreciable coolness, which has altered my opinion of the salon. At precisely 10am this morning (because the salon only opens at that time on a Monday, not at 9am, like I thought), I called to make a complaint regarding the horrible haircut they gave me at the weekend and found my caffeine-fuelled anger dwindling from the instant they answered the phone. Explaining that my haircut had not made me happy, leaving my hair all greasy and looking downright awful, the stylist on the other line advised me to return for a style adjustment later this afternoon. As aforementioned, I would be taking no less than a refund for the poor cut received or a re-style free of charge by a different, more competent stylist. Well, all things considered, I settled on the latter and booked an appointment straight after work.

And my experience improved from the moment I got there. The stylist taking over informed me that my hair had reacted to some of the products being used in the salon, possibly clashing with ones I had also used at home; therefore she suggested using products without silicone included, such as Head and Shoulders, as a means of reducing the build-up which had led to the greasy, matted effect I witnessed there on Saturday. Additionally, she consulted me on the photos I brought and talked me through the haircut, making sure I was confident of the length I wanted cut off since it was obvious from my previous visit that I wasn’t entirely certain how short I really wanted it. In the end, she showed me the results of an hour’s snipping, and what an improvement it was, compared to that horrible haircut from Saturday gone! I liked the outcome, I really did, and though the ends weren’t razored as sharply as expected, that minor oversight was enough to excuse the latest wrong to my sacred hair, restoring my faith in a salon I was prepared to black list for life.

I departed the place with a smile and returned home to some teasing from my boyfriend, who laughingly observed that my hairstyle made me look like “a clever Asian boy”. Well… cheers. I totally needed that. I totally need people thinking I’m a clever Asian boy. But I feel so much better now, you wouldn’t believe it! And a little bit guilty as well that I cheated on my stylist in such a roundabout fashion. I kind of respect that other salon for trying their best to win me back. If I’m honest, they have actually succeeded (for the second time, as well!), and it makes me feel like it’s safe to cheat on my stylist again, providing the two of us have fallen out for good. So, uh, let’s hope that my stylist doesn’t notice, when I eventually visit this year, that a different person has cut my hair in her absence.

who is a what now?

clever asian boy, huh?


tribute to nathan

misfits cheese sister

Ever since I saw this meme for Misfits on the internet, I just had to pay tribute with some of my own. Obviously the funniest guy on there is Nathan and I’ve captured two of his finer moments from the series.


Anyway, I’m pretty sure no one else has made these. If they have, and theirs happens to look way cooler than mine… well! Did they create theirs in an effort to avoid German homework?


(Didn’t think so!)

mein Traumberuf


My German homework this week is to write a short essay (6-8 sentences long) about my “dream job”. Apart from using what I’ve learnt in class, I have also ventured into the realm of subordinating conjunctions and declining adjectives. For those who aren’t into grammatical terms, subordinating conjunctions are words like if, although, so that, until, etc., and they’re the kind of words you use all the time in written and spoken English. Without these subordinating conjunctions, you wouldn’t be able to create long and interesting statements, and for me, not being able to do that in German has been pretty frustrating. So I decided to try a few out in the essay I submitted below:

* * *

“Was ist dein Traumberuf?”

Mein Traumberuf wäre Schriftstellerin. Ich würde gerne ein lässiges, interessanter Job machen, wo kann ich allein arbeiten und lasse ich meine Fantasie spielen.

Am Momentan arbeite ich mit viele Leute in einem tätiges Büro. Die Atmosphäre ist zu streng und die Fantasie beschränken. Ich muss oft in einem ruhiges Zimmer oder zu Hause arbeiten!

Obwohl ich mit meine Kollegen und Kolleginnen arbeite gern, kann ich nie schreiben, ob wir immer reden. Ich würde lieber Krimi und übersinnlicher Geschichten schreiben.  

Um ehrlich zu sein, das Geld ist nicht so wichtig. 

* * *

“What is your dream job”?

My dream job would be a writer. I would like to do a casual, more interesting job where I can work alone and use my imagination.

At the moment, I work with many people in a busy office. The atmosphere is too strict and limits my imagination. I must work often in a quiet room or at home!

Although I like working with my colleagues, I can’t write if we are always talking. I would prefer to write mystery and paranormal stories.

To be honest, the money isn’t important.


the future is jogging



I have this feeling I’ll be jogging next week. May not be ideal in this wintry weather we’re having, but by the time the weather warms up (and it will, I tell you, it will!), I’ll soon have the physical stamina to run in the sunshine. Since climbing stairs to the seventh floor of my office began, climbing once a day to ease myself in, I’m starting to feel pretty confident that jogging will more or less happen. I mean, take today, for instance: when have I ever jogged from the bus stop to the hotel next to my home without ending up dead? Compared to previous efforts, I was positively cool as I stopped in front of the building to casually enter the car park next door. To think something like that could boost my ego so much is kind of surprising. I see now why jogging can be so addictive!

And I had a really great time in German today. We’re learning modal verbs and how to discuss our professions, and though I missed a week where they went into detail on articles, I honestly felt like something was free in my mind, like I was able to envision myself becoming fluent. When I learnt my first language, I made so many mistakes and one of them was to review all the grammar like an actress learning lines. It’s not about learning set phrases, conjugations, and articles, but also about identifying the context and understanding which mode the sentences are in. For the first time, I can probably describe my own language in technical terms. If you say to me “the infinitive”, I know what it actually means, and I can look at a sentence and comprehend the reason why it needs to be a particular case. And this knowledge is so amazing to me that I can’t believe that I know it… I totally get what you foreigners are thinking!

I’m so enlightened…

  • 08:15 – tuna mayo toast with pickled gerkins & garlics
  • 11:00 – small slice of carrot cake
  • 14:45 – 1 x banana & Polish almond biscuits
  • 16:30 – an apple
  • 17:30 – more Polish almond biscuits
  • 19:30 – omelette with sweet & sour vegetable leftovers
  • 21:00 – (to be decided!)

Plus: 3 x normal tea; 2 x cup of water


like a bot


Well, guys, it’s official: you are now looking at someone with a permanent contract. Signed the dotted line after lunch, along with a health questionnaire, and ate the following things to celebrate my acceptance:

  • 07:15 – chocolate chip muesli with semi-skimmed milk;
  • 10:15 – bottle of Tropicana tropical juice;
  • 13:00 – ham & egg salad with coleslaw; fresh apple slices with red grapes;
  • 14:15 – Alpro raspberry yoghurt;
  • 15:15 – small portion of dried mango;
  • 19:00 – chicken nuggets with chips; 3 x chocolate chip cookies;

Plus: 3 x decaff tea; 1 x normal tea; 1 x cup of water

It’s creepy, isn’t it, watching what you eat every day, but I kind of like knowing what I already knew – that I’m pretty awesome at eating more or less the same things, at the same times every day (except weekends). And I’m not one of those people who believe in counting calories or depriving myself of chocolate just to lose some kg. I have 150 steps to climb first thing in the morning.

Chocolate is essential!

Chocolate is essential!


stairway to heaven


“tra la la la laa, la la la laaa!!”

Upon the advice of a good friend studying nutritional health, I have started what she calls a “food diary” in order to determine the one thing I wish to know at this moment: how to get more energy. Since ending my stint on the Night Shift, I am convinced – convinced –  that my energy levels have suffered as a direct result of working at night, thus I am looking to reverse the effects of this lifestyle as much as humanly possible.

So what did I eat today?

  • 07:15 – chocolate chip muesli with semi-skimmed milk;
  • 10:45 – bottle of Tropicana tropical juice;
  • 13:00 – cold pasta with tomato, feta cheese & rocket salad; fresh apple slices with a few red grapes;
  • 15:15 – small portion of dried mango & praline chocolate buttons;
  • 19:00 – Italian tortelloni with tomato, onion & bacon; flash-boiled sugar snap peas
  • 20:00 – 2 x Butlers Valentine chocolate

Plus: 2 x decaff tea; 1 x normal tea; 2 x cups of water

I’ve never really kept a record like this, but I’m not too embarrassed by what I’ve been eating. It is, as one can see, balanced with fruits and chocolate! Furthermore, I am now climbing stairs instead of taking the lift to where I work in the office. I’ll be doing this once a day, first thing in the morning, until my shitty stamina can take it twice without death.


to be

they’ll never get rid of me now!